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As part of our high-quality service, we'd pleasure to introduced our main products.

Point Of Sales System (POS) + Cloud Based Accounting System

We have Point of Sales System which can be upload to the Cloud Based Accounting System end of the day. The POS System can be used offline and the data can be uploaded to the Web Based Accounting System. POS has basic inventory control Reports.The Point of Sales System has been designed and developed for match the all retail sales shops and super markets. All inventory related reports are available in the POS and Cloud Based Accounting System as well.

Following Features are available in POS System

  • Barcode scanning for item search
  • Easy Product Search by its name and adding products in Sales Invoice Screen itself
  • Yards to Meter conversion facility
  • Line by line discount and total Discount for a Bill
  • Integrated with Pole display and Cash drawer
  • Easy short cut keys to make very user-friendly operation
  • Sales breakdown with cash/card/Cheque and Credit sales
  • Inventory Report and sales analysis by items on daily and for date period
  • Upload P.O.S data to Cloud Based Accounting System

Mobile Point Of Sales System (m-POS) + Cloud Based Accounting System

INFODATA System has introduced Mobile Point of Sales System (mPos) for Android device.mPos is an android app, which is easy to use and user-friendly as well. mPos is connected to the Cloud Based Accounting System to manage entire Accounting for Small to Large Business owners.

mPos can connect to Bluetooth portable printer to print an invoice for mobile/Vehicle sales.Sales Representatives can view their sales for the day in the mPos app and daily sales will show in the app till its posted to final accounts.


  • You can monitor your business from any part of the world.
  • You can access the system ONLY FORM YOUR AUTHORISED PCS / SMART PHONES / TABLETS. No one else can access the mPos / Cloud Based Accounting System, if a PCS / Smart Phone / Tablets not given the access from Servers.
  • OPD Receipt
  • Accounting Records Maintenance
  • You can maintain multiple branch under one company.
  • You can get an up-to-date status of the business from any part of the world.

Accounting System

The Accounting System is developed to suit any kind of trading company financial accounting needs.

Following Features are available in Accounting System

  • Receivable and Payable Management
  • Inventory management for multiple Stores/Warehouse
  • General Ledger Management
  • Daily and Monthly Profit and Lost Reports, Rep wise Reports, Total biIl & item wise Profit Reports
  • 3rd Party Cheque Management with Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparing Final Accounts
  • Invoice Printing in All three Languages.
  • Labour/Staff Salary/Wages Management

Cloud Based Accounting System

Our Organization has introduced Web based Accounting System for all type of organisations, which is very flexible and user friendly system build on latest technologies in the industry. The system was developed well experienced professional who has over the 20 years experience in the Financial Accounting area and cutting edge technologies. The mobile accounting system developed for fulfil the existing customer’s requirement, who was with us for past 18 years. click here to download Brochure.

The Web Based Accounting System Accessible through internet from any where and ONLY FROM YOUR AUTHORISED PCS/ SMART PHONE. No one else can access the Web Base Accounting System, if a PCS/Smart Phone not given the access from Server.

Below Features are built in the Cloud Based Accounting System:

  • Inventory Management for multiple Wharehouse / Stores Sales with Invoice printing, Sales Return, Purchase, Store Transfer and Inventory Journal. Optionally, If you are required offline POS Sytem, We provide POS System which operate offline and upload the data to the Cloud Based System end of the day.
  • Debtors Management System.
  • 3rd Party Cheque Management System.
  • Creditors Management System.
  • Bank Reconciliation System.
  • General Ledger.
  • Multible Branch Accounts can be handled in the Cloud based e-Accounting System.

Cloud Based Payroll System with Time Attendance System

The Payroll System developed to Cover wide range of production Environment, and below Features are available:

  • Interface Table Government rates concerning the Payroll system such as EPF, ETF, OT Rates, Contribution Rates, Stamp Duty Rates can be defined and changed at any time.
  • Transaction Table Unlimited number of user definable earning and deduction makes the system flexible to face the possible future changes.
  • PAYE Table Payroll package comes with a standard tax table for the year released by the Inland Revenue Department.
  • Employee Master Card Contains all personal information relating to employees with Allowances & Standing Orders with Stamp Duty, EPF, ETF built in with overtime rates.
  • Loans Multiple number of loans can be created for each employee and automatically deducted from the salary each month. Loans can be settled or adjusted at any time. Loans can also be suspended under specific requests.
  • Transaction Entry Entering of Monthly Transactions can be done through a user friendly Interface which automatically brings out the Standing Orders and Standing Allowances of Individual Employees.

Jewellery Management System

Main Features Of Jewellery Management System:

Creation of Artisan ⁄ Dealer Master
Every single information regarding the artisan/dealer can be stored here e.g. name & address of the artisan, making charge of an ornament etc.
Creation of Customer Master
Every single information regarding the customer can be stored here e.g. name & address of the customer etc.
Creation of Stone Master
There are many types of stones in the business which are categorised according to:
  • Diamond :It can be divided into many categories e.g. round, square, Marquise etc.
  • Colour Stones :Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, etc.

Daily ReportsInteractive Queries:

  • Cash Reports
  • Item wise Sale Report
  • Customer Due Statement
  • Item Stock Status
  • Gold Balances
  • Artisan Balances
  • Dealer Balances
  • Stone Balances

Restaurant Management Systems

Restaurant Management Systems are the crucial technology components that enable a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food and beverage transactions and controls.

RMS runs in the internet/Intranet and it has main four component such as:

  • Waiters to Accept the Order by Android Tab.
  • KOT - Displays Order Tickets in Kitchen Screen.
  • BOT - Displays Order Tickets in Bar Screen.
  • POS - Cashier bills the orders and Monitor Progress of Tables in the Dashboard.
  • Back Office - All setup data and Financial Accounts with Inventory Handled in Back Office.

Hospital Management System

Features of Hospital Mangement System

  • Consultation Booking
  • Lab Test Receipt
  • OPD Receipt
  • Accounting Records Maintenance
  • Payment Voucher
  • Medical Certificate
  • Services Medical Receipts
  • Doctors Ledger Management
  • General Ledger and Final Accounts

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